Aprendiendo a vivir es una serie cómica donde el personaje primordial es un pequeño de 12 años, Cory Mathews quien se halla con las incógnitas propias de la adolescencia, a lado de su mejor amigo Shawn se encarará frente a las cuestiones de la vida y va a conocer el planeta desde los ojos de un adolescente que está, como afirma el nombre, aprendiendo a vivir.



Cornelius A. Cory Matthews: Ben Savage

Eric Randall Matthews: Will Friedle

Shawn Patrick Hunter: Rider Strong

Topanga Lawrence: Danielle Fishel

George Hamilton Feeny: William Daniels

Alan Matthews: William Russ

Amy Matthews: Betsy Randle

Morgan Matthews: Lily Nicksay/Lindsay Ridgeway


Temporada 1 (1994)


On the Fence

Father kwons less

Corys alternative friends

Killer bees

Grandma was a rolling stone

Teacher`s bet

Class pre-union

Once in love with Amy

She loves me, she loves me not

The B-Team Of Life

Model Family

Risky Business

The Fugitive

Its A Wonderful Night

Kid Gloves

The Plays The Thing

Boy Meets Girl

I dream of Feeny


Temporada 2 (1994)

Back 2 school

Pairing off


Me and Mr Joad

Wake up, little Cory

Band on the run

Fear strikes out

Sister Theresa

The beard


I am not a crook

Breaking up is really hard to do

Danger boy

On the Air

By Hook or By Crook

Wrong Side of the Tracks

Pop Quiz

The Thrilla in Phila

Career Day



Temporada 3 (1995)

My Best Friends Girl

What I Meant to Say

He Said, She Said

This Little Piggy

Truth and Consequences

Rave On

The Last Temptation of Cory

Train of Fools

City Slackers


Temporada 4 (1996)

You Can Go Home Again

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I Aint Gonna Spray Lettuce No More

Fishing For Virna

Shallow Boy

Janitor Dad

Singled Out

Dangerous Secret

Sixteen Candles And Four-Hundred-Pound Men

Turkey Day

An Affair To Forget

B & Bs B N B

Chick Like Me

A Long Walk To Pittsburgh Part 1

A Long Walk To Pittsburgh Part 2

Uncle Daddy

Quiz Show

Security Guy

Cult Fiction