La serie Alfred Hitchcock Presenta es considerada como una de las mejores series de suspenso de todos los tiempos, del maestro del suspenso Alfred Hitchcock. En la serie se desarrollan enigmáticos casos sobre asombrosos crímenes y hechos que parecen increíbles, las tramas se desarrollan en medio del misterio y en la mayoría de las historias el final resulta sorprendentemente increíble. La serie fue de las más aclamadas en los años cincuentas y hasta la fecha cuenta con grandes seguidores de todas las edades.


Temporada 1 (1955)



Triggers in Leash

Dont Come Back Alive

Into Thin Air



Our Cooks a Treasure

The Long Shot

The Case of Mr. Pelham

Guilty Witness

Santa Claus and the Tenth Avenue Kid

The Cheney Vase

A Bullet for Baldwin

The Big Switch

You Got to Have Luck

The Older Sister

Shopping for Death

The Derelicts

And So Died Riabouchinska

Safe Conduct

Place of Shadows

Back for Christmas

The Perfect Murder

There Was an Old Woman


Help Wanted

Portrait of Jocelyn

The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby

Never Again

The Gentleman from America

The Baby Sitter

The Belfry

The Hidden Thing

The Legacy



The Creeper



Temporada 2 (1956)

Wet Saturday

Fog Closing In

De Mortuis

Kill with Kindness

None Are So Blind


Alibi Me

Conversation Over a Corpse

Crack of Doom


Mr. Blanchards Secret

John Browns Body

Nightmare in 4-D

My Brother, Richard

The Manacled

A Bottle of Wine

Malice Domestic

Number Twenty-Two

The End of Indian Summer

One for the Road

The Cream of the Jest

I Killed the Count: Part 1

I Killed the Count: Part 2

I Killed the Count: Part 3

One More Mile to Go

Vicious Circle

The Three Dreams of Mr. Findlater

The Night the World Ended

The Hands of Mr. Ottermole

A Man Greatly Beloved

Martha Mason, Movie Star

The West Warlock Time Capsule

Father and Son

The Indestructible Mr. Weems

A Little Sleep

The Dangerous People


Temporada 3 (1957)

The Glass Eye

Mail Order Prophet

The Perfect Crime

Silent Witness

Enough Rope for Two

Reward to Finder

Heart of Gold

Last Request

The Young One

The Diplomatic Corpse

The Deadly

Miss Paisleys Cat

Night of the Execution

The Percentage



The Motive

Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty

The Equalizer


Guest for Breakfast

The Return of the Hero

The Right Kind of House

Sirena en la niebla

Flight to the East

Bull in a China Shop

Disappearing Trick

Lamb to the Slaughter

Fatal Figures

Death Sentence

The Festive Season

Post mortem

Las navidades

The Crocodile Case

Un chapuzón en la subasta

The Safe Place

The Impromptu Murder

Little White Frock

The Canary Sedan